UFO List - Oh My!


Quilts pieced and quilted by Betty Baker.

Savannah Stars - Started this one at the "Chillin Out" retreat hosted by the Cotton Patch of Tulsa - Jan 2001.  This had about 40 different fabrics. This top is ready to be quilted. [ha - get in line!].  Designed by Cynthia Regone.

Machine pieced by Betty Baker - 2001 (not quilted yet).

2002  This Flower Garden variation is ready to quilted.  All of the  flower petals, stems  and leaves are appliqued with a hand button-hole stitch.

This one is even basted, and ready to go! (really is hard to get excited about sitting under a quilt when it's been a hundred degrees outside)!

Jul 2004 - OK, it's not new anymore!  Still not quilted!

This traditional pattern, "Pineapple", is a string-pieced style quilt.  The reds and whites are 'scrappy' with only the corners using the same fabrics.  This one could use a few more blocks, and is not quilted yet.

3/2007 - Finished putting blocks together

2013-Finally picked a border fabric, and backing is prepared.

This is the one I am working on now.  It's to be a KING sized quilt for Rachael, who is getting married this August (2001).  I have promised to have the top done by the wedding date.  The fabrics are the same colors as in Savannah Stars, only there are over 75 different fabrics.  A king sized quilt takes 199 of the melons [or footballs].  [5/2001-Those are all pieced and I'm in process of sewing two melons to X piece].

Jan 2005 - Still not finished piecing, BUT I did take a class from Shar Jorgensen to figure out why I'm having problems finishing it.  Seems I'm using "crow bars" (as Shar called my yellow headed pins) to pin those intersections.  She gave me some fine point pins, and all of a sudden the intersections work!  No more excuses!!

 I got sidetracked by the wedding (Aug 2001) and felt the need to finish this one up.  This is War and Pieces (See "Civil War Women" by Barbara Brackman).   Borders are done, just need to finish assembling the top. Oh, and quilt it!